About Grænibakki



Welcome to our most favorite place which is called Grænibakki (Green bank)

The land is about 5 hectares of our own land and is part of the 350 hectare land of Árbakki, where Icelandic horses are bred and trained, the white houses with red roofs you passed on your way here.

The river Rangá flows past here but it is a well-known salmon fishery.

The mountains to the east are from the left, the famous volcano Hekla, then comes Tindfjöll, the black mountain is called Þríhyrningur and then comes the glacier, the volcano Eyjafjallajökull which last erupted in 2010 and stopped all air traffic around Europe.

10 km away is the small town of Hella where you can find a supermarket, bakery, Pharmacy, wine shop, swimming pool, restaurants and various services.

The most popular tourist destinations to the south are further east, Seljalandsfoss and pool, SkógarfossReynisfjara - Black beach.

Þórsmörk, where the highland landscape is really beautiful. Scheduled tours recommended since 4x4 super jeep is need and skills to drive rivers and rough trails

It can be fun to take a ferry to the islands of Vestmannaeyjar, where ash covered many residential buildings in a 1973 eruption. There you will see a lot of puffins.

Further up in the country to the north are Landmannalaugar, which is a uniquely beautiful place.

Tours can be booked with this website https://penthouse.tourdesk.is/Tour

To the west about an hour's drive from here you can then go to The Golden Circle and see Geysir and Gullfoss. Necessary to stop in Friðheimar and get tomato soup and bread, where a large part of tomatoes are grown for Icelanders.

Then further towards Reykjavík it is very interested to drive through the beautiful national park Þingvellir which I recommend when going back to Reykjavík or on the way to the airport.

Not far from here, ca 7km away is the horse farm Skeiðvellir which offers horseback riding and a tour of the area which is fun to see the conditions of Icelandic horses.

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