What is it that we do for you?

As locals, we want to help you experience all the best and most fun that Reykjavík and Iceland have to offer.

What do you provide?

We offer luxury apartments in the best locations in Reykjavík and cozy and beautiful holiday homes in the countryside close to popular activities.

Can you make restaurant reservations?

We certainly do and with pleasure.

Can you arrange for a rental car when I need it?

With special agreements, we can arrange for the car to be ready close to the rental apartment when you need it.

What about private tours?

We can take care of booking and guiding with tours and pick up.

If I need nice meeting facilities, can you arrange it?

In cooperation with Reykjavík's most popular private club, we provide the right facilities for the occasion.

Other inquiries? Let’s chat.

Please email us at info@hlc.is