Keep in mind

First of all read the Save travel website specially if you intent to visit the volcano. Click here

Weather can change with short notice in Iceland and therefore always good to travel well dressed in the suitable gear. More but less is better. Always check the forecast when preparing tours and trips

If the correct clothing, shoes and outdoor gear is needed I recommend with the ELLINGSEN store, located at the harbor. Click the location

Alcohol is expensive in Iceland because of high tariffs but when you arrive it is possible to purchase a lot cheaper good selection of wine, beers and spirits at the Duty Free store located next to where you collect your luggage.

When driving on Iceland it can be good to check on this web page to be well prepared 

Swimming pools on Iceland are popular among locals and we have many of them in Reykjavik and all over Iceland. The warm geothermal water makes it very comfortable, many of them have hot tubs and even sauna. Find the nearest one on this page 

For any health problem we have many health care centers which you can find here

Lyfja is a chain of drug stores, here you can find theirs web 

In an emergency always call the 112 National Emergency number.
112 is the single emergency number in Iceland, representing all the response parties to accidents, fire, crime, search, rescue and natural disasters on land, at sea, or in the air. Additionally, Iceland‘s child protection officers can be reached through 112.

The emergency dispatchers are on duty around-the-clock, all year around. When you dial 112 they respond at once and immediately send the appropriate assistance.
The role of Emergency Alert 112 is to provide a friendly, efficient and reliable service.
112 can be reached anywhere in Iceland, from any telephone, by voice or by SMS.