Reykjavík Walk

The APP GPSmyCity can be very useful for more information

There are many interesting things to see in Reykjavik and always nice to walk around the town. Below is a small walk around ring I have made from our penthouse.


  • Ingólfur Arnarson statue, the founder of Iceland
  • Safnahúsið National Center of Cultural Hertage, white beautiful house which you see from the statue up the street standing next to the national theatre (grey)
  • National Theatre (grey house) next to Safnahúsið
  • Stjórnarráðið, the old white house where there are two statues in the front, this is an old prison, the first on Iceland but is now the priminister office
  • Kvosin (the area), further down is the oldes part of Reykjavik called Kvosin, in this area you will see the parliament on the square. You will see the pond and there is the City Hall. If you walk a Street called Aðalstræti you can see old ancient monuments which has been digged up under the house on the corner agains the coffee house Te & Kaffi (good coffee). This is where the Reykjavik farm used to stand, the beginning of Reykjavik. The Yellow house next to it is the fish restaurant I told you about.


From there you can walk back to where the old white prison house is up that street until you see the street where the apartments is and enjoy all the icelandic stores on the way. The Grey stone house in the middle of the road is also an old prison 1st floor and the first city hall (2nd floor) 😊