Rules and information about using the sauna


The sauna is locked and the code on the lock is 155
It is a matter of safety once the slide has been opened to lock it back in the open position so that the slide cannot be closed from the outside while the sauna is being used.

Remember to lock the sauna again after use when it has been turned off.



  • Do not wear any shoes other than slippers.
  • Do not bring any food or drinks.
  • No oils or other chemicals.
  • The sauna is absolutely not for children alone.
  • The sauna must not be used for purposes other than those for which they are intended, such as for example as a playroom.




A suitable temperature for the sauna room is about 65–80 °C. Before switching the heater on always check that there isn’t anything on top of the heater or close

Turn the timer switch to the ”on” section (0–4 hours). The heater starts heating immediately. It will take around 30 - 40 minutes to reach 60 °C

Heater Off The heater switches off, when the timer turns the switch back to zero. You can switch the heater off at any time by turning the timer switch to zero yourself.

Switch the heater off after bathing. Sometimes it may be advisable to leave the heater on for a while to let the wooden parts of the sauna dry properly.


Always check that the heater has switched off and stopped heating after the timer has turned the switch to zero.

Setting the Temperature The purpose of the thermostat is to keep the temperature in the sauna room on a desired level. By experimenting, you can find the setting that suits you best. Begin experimenting at the maximum position. If, during bathing, the temperature rises too high, turn the switch counter-clockwise a little. Note that even a small difference within the maximum section will change the temperature of the sauna considerably.

Throwing Water on Heated Stones The air in the sauna room becomes dry when warmed up. Therefore, it is necessary to throw water on the heated stones to reach a suitable level of humidity in the sauna. The effect of heat and steam on people varies – by experimenting, you can find the levels of temperature and humidity that suit you best.

The maximum volume of the ladle is 0.2 litres so 1 ladle every now and then is perfect, If an excessive amount of water is poured on the stones, only part of it will evaporate and the rest may splash as boiling hot water on the bathers. Never throw water on the stones when there are people near the heater, because hot steam may burn their skin. NOTE! The water to be thrown on the heated stones should meet the requirements of clean household water

Instructions for Bathing • Begin by washing yourself. • Stay in the sauna for as long as you feel comfortable. • Forget all your troubles and relax.


  • Staying in the hot sauna for long periods of time makes the body temperature rise, which may be dangerous.
  • Keep away from the heater when it is hot. The stones and outer surface of the heater may burn your skin.
  • Keep children away from the heater.
  • Do not let young, handicapped or ill people bathe in the sauna on their own.
  • Consult your doctor about any health-related limitations to bathing.
  • Consult your child welfare clinic about taking little babies to the sauna.
  • Be very careful when moving in the sauna, as the platform and floors may be slippery.
  • Never go to a hot sauna if you have taken alcohol, strong medicines or narcotics.
  • Never sleep in a hot sauna.
  • Sea air and a humid climate may corrode the metal surfaces of the heater.
  • Do not hang clothes to dry in the sauna, as this may cause a risk of fire. Excessive moisture content may also cause damage to the electrical equipment.