The family

We are family of five living in suburbs of Reykjavik close to a great nature of the city who love travelling and enjoy good restaurants with good food and great atmosphere together with art, landscape, historical buildings and places. We like to combine regular visits to vibrant cities and the quite country life as well. That is probably the reason for the locations which we have choose our two vacation homes to be.

On one hand, our wonderful penthouse apartment in the best location downtown Reykjavik which we sometimes enjoy on weekends and make ourselves feel as if we are enjoying ourselves abroad. All the great restaurants, swimming pools, art museums and walks around the city is particularly enjoyable in Reykjavik.

The other vocation home is such a complete opposition. Secluded cottages and guest houses on own 5 hectare land, located just in 10-minute drive from the nearest town but in complete privacy from all traffic and noise other than the sound from the well known salmon river Rangá which lies next to the land and singing birds in the woods. From the house there is a great view to the volcano mountains Hekla, Eyjafjallajökull and other mountains. It is wonderful to spend the summer there and no less lying in the hot tub watching stars and northern lights in the winter.

It is our pleasure to share with people who may enjoy our life experiences of what we think Iceland and Reykjavik may offer as well as sharing our homes with those they may enjoy and treat well.

Hilmar & Laufey