Grænibakki guide



Please do not smoke or place any fire outside. The grass around the trees can very often be so dry and the most danger and harm for this place would be if our forest would burn down.


There is a small playground for kids to be found hidden in the forest


Horses are inside fences that keeps them inside with a small electric current. Many of them young and untrained as well as stallions so don‘t go inside the fences.


The river is danger and please keep an eye of kids in case they walk that direction.


When not in use please have the basketball in the lowest position, In wind the basket might fall down so please also do not park your car too close.

Also please be aware the glass on the sauna when playing.




I do not expect people to smoke but it is of course forbidden here. Also if using nicotine pads then please don't throw them anywhere outside since it is interested to dogs and kids to eat and is dangerous for them.



Guest House: HUAWAI B618-F909 PASSWORD: 3ED1NY90D63 


You are very welcome to use all the food, oil, spices and ect you will need. We normally use the Nespresso coffee machine and you are very welcome to use it, capsules in the silver box. If you prefer normal coffee then there is another machine under the sink and ground coffee in the kitchen.


The hot tub is always on, cleaning and heating automatically but to keep it in good shape then a quick shower is very good. Don´t bring any food and drinks to it and the most important, do not change any settings or turn any buttons, specially not the one at the top of it (will empty the water) and keep all nozzles open, very important for the cleaning system.

To help keep the hot tub water clean then use slipper’s if you have on the way to it.

Make sure all locks on the cover are open before lifting the cover and please lift it gently.

Very important is to make sure not to sit or stand on the cover.


You are welcome to use the sauna but please first go through the details how, or click here


Please don't wear shoes. There is OK for kids to be more than one at a time but only one adult at a time. 


You might know that wind is normal situation in Iceland so please keep front doors closed in wind and rain, both to protect them for damage and also because you will lose the heat in the house quick.


Weber grill

When using the Weber barbecue grill make sure not to leave it and be aware of the fire while cooking, especially fat food like lamb meat, bacon and such a food. Beware that all around is wood which burned down easily quick. Normally the BBQ is kept outside.

I recommend to have one of the fire extinguishers by hand. You are also welcome to move the barbecue grill outside on the grill house if you want and feel more comfortable with that. (normally it is outside)

Please clean the barbecue grind after using and put the cover back on when it has cool down and turn off the gas. Keep the grill house open, no need to close, not even at checkout.

Blackstone griddle

We also have Blackstone griddle which you can use for all kinds of cooking, many ideas on youtube. It is very important to clean the Blackstone correctly (NOT WITH THE WIRE BRUSH). See the video, click here

After cooking turn off the griddle and while you take the food inside it will cool a little bit, add water on the griddle plate and scrape down the water to the hole in the middle. After dinner when the Blackstone has become cold then take the drawer at the back of the griddle gently off and add what is in there into the bucket which I keep under the griddle.

To prepare it for the next time, a thin layer of oil is placed on the plate and spread over with a paper towel.


You can throw rubbish at Hella or on the way back to Reykjavík right by the petrol station at Landvegamót (roundabout). Go out of the roundabout, 3rd right to Sandhólaferja and you will see the trash container shortly. or click here

It is very important to take all the trash when leaving the cottage since there might be some days before we come back.

Empty bottles and cans can be placed in the basket in the laundry.


There are Smart TV in all rooms and free Netflix account. If you have any issues then don‘t hesitate to contact me and send me a message.


All items are very personal and many of them from special places which we have visit around the world and we would appreciate if items are not used to play with or moved.

Please don´t play with ball inside.

There are some games and more under the bench by the window in the kitchen which you are welcome to use.


Please don´t take any items with you from the cottage like, towels, glasses, silverware and etc.


The heating is in the floor, controlled by a system placed in the laundry room. In any case it is too hot or too cold then send me a message and I will guide you what to do.

The hot water is heated cold water in tanks you will see in the laundry, it is 200 + 100 liters in the main house and 100 liters in the guest house which has always been enough but keep it in mind when using the hot water and shower that it is not endless.


We have just recently built a new bathroom for the main room. It is very important for us that the wood plates in this bathroom and all other wood plates (table and inventories) in both houses that water and other liquate is always wiped off immediately so it will not damage the wood or leave marks and rings after glasses and other items.

We have bath mats to take the water drops that can go to the floor so please use those bath mats and hang them up after showering if they are wet on the shower bar or to the oven heaters or put them in the dryer and use them always when taking a shower or dry the floor with used towel.

Please also wipe off the shower glass after using in all showers do avoid water spots. 

The wind coming from the east can be strong so please be careful when opening the outdoor of the bathroom.


Very important is not to place cleaning paper, tissue or any rough paper in to toilet’s because we have our own very septic tank in the ground which is sensitive for such a paper.


To save earth we recommend to use the towels more than one time and to dry them and use them again warm you can hang the towels on the black towel oven.


The dishwasher is simple and we normally use the quick program number 4, please clean the most of the dishes before placing them. Detergent is kept under the sink. Don‘t put wood in the washer


The washing machine is quite easy to use but concerning the DRYER it is very important to empty the water tank between usage and clean gently the filter inside the machine.

We hope you enjoy our lovely country place and if there is thing you need what so ever then don‘t hesitate to send us a message to +354 660 1755 and we will respond immediately.


  • Towels in the laundry room
  • Please make sure there is no water or other liquid on the tables, inventories surface or any floors.
  • Take rubbish to the near container either on Hella or Landvegamót. Link to place here
  • Make sure lights inside are off
  • Lock the doors but windows can be open specially in the bathrooms
  • Return the keys in key box
  • Would be great to run the dishwasher
  • No need to strip bed
  • Do not close the grill house between the house and the shed in summer time 

We wish you a great time and a pleasant time here.

All the best

Hilmar, Laufey & family

p.s. our flowers and spices would love to have some water ones in a while :-)